What does Cloud Server mean?


Cloud has become a broad term used to describe various products and services, which is supposed to be utilizing the distributed computing model. Strictly speaking “Cloud Server” is just a virtualized computer instance, a Virtual Private Server. However the term “Cloud” should mean that a “Cloud Server” is a computing instance created on top of an IT infrastructure in which the processing power (processing nodes) – CPU and RAM for example – reside on different physical machines than the data storage (SAN or storage nodes).

Some companies define “Cloud Server” for example as “on-demand virtual machine, created to deliver customizable performance and reliability”, although this is pretty much marketeer’s language. Please also be advised that billing a any virtual server hosting service (whatever it is labeled) on per minutes, per hour or per day basis doesn’t make it “Cloud”. What makes it a “Cloud Server” is the ability to scale up the allocated computing resources on demand.

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What does a Cloud Hosting Mean?


Cloud Hosting is a Internet hosting service delivered from a Cloud computing generation IT infrastructure. Cloud computing term generally refers to a systems which combine the computing resources of a number of machines in order to provide High Availability, ability to scale up and down the services and more flexibility to the users.

The term Cloud Hosting can be also associated with another one – Clustered hosting. Despite that as of May 2011 the term Cloud Hosting is pretty broad term which is not precisely defined yet, we can consider any hosting service as a “Cloud” if it is delivered from a fully-redundant, multi-server system, in which the resources are dynamically scalable and often virtualized.