Managed Website. What Does It mean?


Managed Website is a web hosting service that comes with technical and system administration. Depending on its specifications we can call it “Out-of-the-box Website”. Unlike the Managed Hosting, which is a term that usually refers to a Dedicated, Virtual Private Server or a Cloud Server service which is delivered and managed by the provider, Managed Website does not mention any specific IT Hosting service niche.

However, “Managed Website” most often indicates that the customer’s website, which is managed by the service provider is probably hosted in a Shared Hosting environment. For that reason the service could be also called “Managed Website Hosting”.

What is include into a Managed Website service?

When it comes to technical and system administration “Managed Website” means that the web hosting company take over the full management of the customers account and provides services like:

  • HTML editing
  • Graphic Design support and maintenance
  • Content Management System support, management and updates
  • Search Engine Optimization of the web pages
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Full Technical Support of all applications installed on the web hosting account
  • Full Technical support of all services configured on the web hosting account
  • Both Server-Side application and Client-side application support
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Website Security management and hardening
  • Troubleshooting and overall service improvements

Unlike that standard Self-Managed Web Hosting, the Managed Website (Hosting) service means that the owner of the website outsources the overall website management lifecycle to the service provider.


What does Managed Shared Web Hosting mean?


Managed Shared Web Hosting is a term that refers to Shared Hosting (Shared Web Hosting) service, which is technically administered by the web hosting provider.

Most web hosting providers that offer personal or small business Shared Hosting (Virtual Hosting) services do self-service web hosting. Although there is no term as “Self-service” in the web hosting industry the pharase can be used to explain a web hosting service, which is managed by the account owner.

A Managed Shared Web Hosting service requires the web hosting provider to support the customer’s account client-side, to fix install apps and service, to monitor the resource usage, to do backups, to resolve issues inside the Shared hosting account and to troubleshoot it when necessary.